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Power up!

About two months ago, I was getting off a flight and noticed that my backpack (containing my laptop) felt rather warm. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, thinking that maybe my laptop had turned itself on for some reason, or I was just imagining it.

At the hotel, I noticed that my laptop casing was coming apart. I assumed the man in the row behind me had been careless putting my bag into the overhead locker.

I pretty much ignored it until last week when I decided to take a look inside. And this is what I found:

If it’s not that obvious, the battery had expanded to approx 150% of its normal size, and this is what had pushed the casing apart.

I contacted the manufacturer who put me touch with their UK authorised repairer. Unsurprisingly the warranty only lasts one year for the battery (my laptop is now over three years old), however they were willing to sell me a replacement.

Here’s a comparison of the old battery and the new:

And here it is fitted snugly into the laptop:

Oh, and I saved myself about £85 by fitting it myself.

(For the observant ones out there, yes, I did take the opportunity to clean out the fans too.)

Mebbies aye, Mebbies naw

Since today is Scottish independence referendum day, I thought I’d conduct some voting of my own.

A couple of months ago, I decided to see what it would be like to grow a beard. Here’s the current status:

Should I keep the beard?

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Leave a comment with any additional thoughts. Should it be longer? Shorter? Get rid of it all together?

Welcome (Back)

Hello again.

After a two year break I thought I would start blogging again. Here I’ll blog about all sorts of random thoughts and mundane events that take place in my life.

My previous blog had the tagline “The best blog I’ve ever written”. This time I’ve gone for “Better than the last blog I did”, and hopefully it will be.

If you want to visit the old blog, it’s still available here, although a lot of the links are currently broken (I may fix them at some point).

Leave me a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see/know, or just to let me know you’re reading.